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ABOUT Lyndsey

Hello beautiful and welcome to Rooted in Nourishment.
My name is Lyndsey and I am a woman committed to taking responsibility for my health and nourishment through small daily habits that add up to a life I no longer feel helpless in. I have taken all that I have learned through years of study and my personal healing journey to focus on helping others connect to their best selves. I have a food first approach centering nutrient dense and bioavailable foods and one that is void of fad diets and trends. Herbs are also utilized in my practice when needed and supplements sparingly.  


I hold a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition, and I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Alongside these, I am a Holistic Birth Keeper (Doula) and have studied midwifery. 


I am a student of life, finding joy in learning both from schools, as well as from other Beings. I follow my interests and allow my curiosity to guide me in my work. I am deeply passionate about getting to the root of who we are, both individually and collectively, and my work is steeped in following the trails that lead to these understandings. 

My Story

Similar to many people that I know, I have spent much of my life completely unaware of the affects food could have on my physical body, emotions, and mind. 

When I was in Grade 5, around the age of 10 years old, I began my first restrictive diet. I wanted to be "skinny", which is to say I wanted to fit into an unrealistic mold that had already begun to infiltrate my perception of my body. 

From that point onward, I spent years trying different diets that were mainly calorie restrictive or were coinciding with the latest fad. 

All that time, I had no idea my actions were seriously harming my long-term health. 

Around the age of 13, I received my first menstrual bleed. From then on I did not have a "regular" cycle. My menstrual cycles were months to a full year apart, painful, and emotionally taxing. 

At 15, I began taking the oral contraceptive pill (Birth Control or BC) after being told it had ZERO side effects from my doctor. There began an 8-year span of taking BC.

I experienced a plethora of health concerns during these years of taking BC and adopting different restrictive diets. At some points, I experienced symptoms that I considered to be so terrifying, I thought I was dying or that perhaps my life was not worth living.

Around 23, I stopped taking BC, expecting to feel better after the years of horrible mental and physical side effects. However, to my dismay, none of my symptoms decreased and more showed up.

About a year later, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). In my two minute appointment, my doctor nonchalantly told me I could never get pregnant, and if I miraculously did, I would miscarry. She said my only option was to take BC again to manage my symptoms for the rest of my life. She then sent me on my way. 

I felt like my life was falling apart. And in that moment I realized the current Western medical system was not equipped to help me with my health concerns.


This was the final straw.


I no longer wanted to feel helpless and disenchanted. This is when I decided to take responsibility for my own health. This is when I began to root into myself and learn how to truly nourish my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. 


This is when I began to heal. 

And this is what has led me to you. I am so grateful that you are here, and I am honoured to guide you through your own healing journey. 

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