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Healing has no destination.

There is no ending place.

It is not a linear progression.

It cannot be expected to move in one direction.

There is no “healed” point.

We put in the work.

We learn, we evolve, we work with the gift of time.

We move in spirals, and zigzags, and swirls.

We feel closure or a sense of ‘healed,’ and then another layer is revealed, another door is opened, another path is unveiled.

And the journey continues.

We feel at peace for months, years, decades, and then a new trigger is exposed that needs our love and attention.

Our healing is a journey with no destination.

It is a pilgrimage into the heart.

Into the tenderest of places that we’d rather not look.

Healing is a call to the deepest compassion, love, and patience for ourselves, and for the depths of what it is to be human.


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