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Womben of the Earth

Infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, thyroid disorders, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, auto-immune diseases. These are some of the many ailments that have become common in our society, especially among womben.

At the same time our Earth is suffering from pollution, extreme weather, loss of ecosystems, ocean and soil depletion and degradation, mass species extinctions, micro plastics, climate change, and the list goes on.

As the Earth houses and gives life to all beings, womben house and give life to humans, ideas, and creative endeavors.

As the Earth suffers from the atrocities humans are conducting, womben’s bodies also suffer from these atrocities.

Is it a coincidence that as the Earth’s health declines, so too do womben’s health?

The connection between the womb of the Earth and the womb of womben is unmistakable. As the macrocosm so the microcosm. As the Earth suffers, we all suffer.

And as the canary in the gold mine analogy goes, perhaps womben’s bodies are alerting the masses that things are not okay.

Perhaps womben are the canaries in a toxic environment.

But are we listening to the alarm bells?

There is an enormous rise in health conditions within womben and instead of zooming out and looking at the root of these issues, we, as a society, are focusing on covering up symptoms, hiding, creating technologies to by-pass the issues, and placing blame on the individual.

It seems it is no coincidence that as we continue to fail our Earth, we also fail the womben of our communities.

Let us come back to the bigger picture.

Let us come back to Earth reverence.

Let us come back to our oneness and our role in taking care of each other and the Earth.

Let us come back to understanding that we are just as much “nature” as a Linden tree, or a raspberry bush, a blade of grass, or a red tail hawk.

Let us come back to understanding that while one being suffers all beings suffer.

Let us stop the suffering and help each other heal from the roots up.


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