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We spend much of our lives in a state of effort. Working long hours at our jobs, pushing ourselves to make progress in our work out routines, trying to look good by doing our hair, makeup, keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Staying up late, waking up early, getting more things done in a day, being healthy, eating right, being social.

The list goes on.

But how often do we stop, and let ourselves just be? How often do we practice compassion for ourselves for the things that we can’t do, or the things we don’t want to do? How often do we listen to our bodies when they ask us for a break? How often do we truly rest?

We live in a “go-go-go” society. If we aren’t being productive, many of us feel like we are failing. But just as the seasons change from bright and blooming, to dark and drooping, so too do our energy levels. Instead of feeling guilty, why don’t we take a moment to breathe, to give ourselves permission to have easeful days? Why don’t we treat ourselves with compassion to rest, recuperate, and recharge?

Just as the seasons change, and the moon waxes and wanes, so too does the rest of nature. Perhaps, as we remember that we are part of nature, we can accept this need and invite more compassion into our days.


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