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It feels like such a blessing to know the many seasons so intimately.

To know what it is to make snow angels and snow forts. To feel the dark quietness of a snowy winter’s night. To crave the warmth of a fire and a loved one by your side.

To feel the excitement in the air as the snow begins to melt and the plant spirits rise from the Earth. As the rains cleanse the soils and warmth begins to kiss your face after a few long, cold months. To hear the birds singing their songs and the animals awakening from their slumbers.

To experience the intensity of the summer’s sun as you seek refuge under a tree’s abundant canopy. To know the gift of the rains as they give the ground a drink and a reprieve from the heat.

To know when the earth is turning inward as the winds begin to cool, the days begin to shorten, and the spirts of the plants once again move toward the Earth. As the leaves turn to bright reds, yellows, and oranges before plummeting to the ground while the smell of decaying plants fills the air. Watching the animals collect their foods for their long slumbers, and remembering it is also okay to rest as well.

It feels like such a blessing to watch as quietness and death take over the lands, while knowing rebirth will always follow.

It feels like such a blessing to have met and been touched so deeply by the seasonality of the Land.


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