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Morning Reflections

Some days life feels completely overwhelming, uncontrollable, and uncertain.

We all have different stressors, life circumstances, levels of adaptability, and coping mechanisms. And it seems these days we are being bombarded at every turn with even more stressors to combat.

I see the beautiful people in my life doing their very best. I see the world waking up to the issues that have occurred for far too long. I see people demanding action and change.

We are doing the work. And that does not make it any easier.

It is okay to not be okay. I know we have heard this over and over. But I will say it again:


What is helping me the most is the moments of quietude. Mornings like this when I go for my daily 5am walk and I see the sun peaking through the clouds allowing me to pause and be in awe of the magic of the life around me.

It is these moments of pause and admiration that bring me back to the good things in this life. It is these moments that allow me to remember the beauty within the chaos.

The life within the death.

The growth within the destruction.

We are evolving.

We are expanding.

I choose to trust the process.

I choose to trust my intuition.

I choose to trust my body’s wisdom.

I choose to smile with the rising sun.

I choose to kiss the light away as the sun fades.

I choose to be in awe of the wondrous world beyond my human form.

I choose to return to the quietude.


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