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It seems we are so afraid of death as a society that we have unintentionally created a world that is becoming ever more unconducive to life.

We try to avoid illness and disease so much that we pump ourselves with toxins that end up polluting our bodies and the ecosystem.

We try to avoid food shortages by creating massive mono crops which are more vulnerable to predators. This inevitably means that these crops must be modified and sprayed heavily with ‘-icides’ to attempt to withstand the predators that we created the perfect environment for in the first place.

We try to prolong the lives of humans at the detriment to the lives of other beings, while those very human lives suffer slowly with dis-ease.

We try to avoid death in pregnancy and birth by controlling every aspect with heavy interventions to the detriment of the fundamental bond formed with mother and baby in physiological birth.

When will we come back into union with the life and death cycles of nature?

Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Is. Going. To. Die.

Yes it is scary. Yes it is unknown. Yes it can feel overwhelming, uncontrollable, paralyzing.

But this is what nature intended. The only way that life can continue is if life also dies.

Of course, when it is our loved ones it is heartbreaking. There is no doubt about that. And that is okay.

But by the very means of trying to avoid death we are escalating it in a very destructive and unnatural way.

Maybe if we start to open up to the inevitability of death, we can start to see the beauty of life, rather than operating in fear of truly living.

Perhaps, if we invite ourselves to sit with the truth that we will die, and that that is both terrifying and liberating, we can stop ourselves from harming the earth.

Perhaps if we can connect back to death rituals, rites of passage, and honouring of the death cycles, we can remember the Sacredness of death.

The purpose of life is not to survive it, but to live in its full abundance and to trust its dance.


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