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Life is a cyclical experience. We undergo 24-hour cycles, weekly cycles, monthly cycles, yearly cycles, and so on. It is no wonder then, that our growth, healing, and circumstances are not linear, but rather cyclical themselves.

In one day, one week, one month, one year, we may encounter numerous ups and downs; happy and sad moments; positive and negative experiences. This is a natural and beautiful gift of life to constantly learn from different situations. It is only in our thinking, in our minds, that these experiences attain a label of “good,” “bad,” “positive,” “negative.” Without such labels, they would simply be part of our cyclical experience as humans. It is interesting then, to not deny our less energized, darker days, but to flow with them. To experience them without judgement.

We seem to put less attention on the days we feel excited, and light, as if these are our normal. So why not put less attention on the opposite as well, and accept that all is our normal?

To let go of our expectations of any day, any cycle in our lives, and to go with it is to experience the beauty of life. We do not need to quickly change our thoughts if something unpleasant comes up. We can allow, flow, and be kind to all thoughts. Give all thoughts their moment, and then move on with the flow of our cycles. The more we learn to move with the waves of life, the more we are able to relax, float, and enjoy.


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