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We are sovereign beings.

Perhaps we have forgotten our way.

But at our core, we are boundless, infinite, wild.

During these times, I have noticed in myself, and in the collective, how dependent we have become on the systems that we are in.

Many of us have lost sight that we are responsible for our health. Many of us have lost sight that we have the power and the ability to heal ourselves.

Many of us may have lost touch with our ancestral medicines, or perhaps, they were stolen from us.

Many of us have lost touch with the plant medicines that surround us. Many of us do not know how to support our own bodies when signs of illness or disease surface.

Many of us have forgotten how to read our own bodies.

And now, as fear pervades some of our lives, we are noticing just how much we have forgotten. We are noticing just how dependent we are on a system of dogmatic practices to tell us what to do for our own bodies.

A system that has many other interests in view before considering our individual health.

As times are changing, and the power over our own bodies are seemingly being lost, many of us are feeling the fears that arise when realizing that our sovereignty has been missing for a long time.

We, each of us, have the power and the birthright to care for our own health.

We all have the right to choose what we feel is of the highest good for our own bodies.

We each have the right to remember the language of our bodies and to listen closely.

We each have the right to be sovereign beings.

Let us call upon each other. Let us call upon the medicine people, the healers, the tradition keepers, the plants.

Let us call upon our communities and remember that at our core we are sovereign and we know what is right for our own beings.

Let us remember that our ancestors healed themselves for thousands of years, and this wisdom still runs within our blood.


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