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The Changing Ways

What a peculiar time to be in this world. To feel the waves of so many different emotions ranging from fear, worry, uncertainty, mistrust to feelings of hope, intrigue, silver linings, and revolution.

Certainly none of us know what the days to come will bring, yet it feels the desire for change has echoed in our voices for years.

There is such irony in these times, as we live in a world in which we have become so disconnected from ourselves and the Earth, while also being more connected to our brothers and sisters across the globe than many of us may have realized.

These times are not easy and for some these times are completely devastating. My hope is that we can use this sudden halt of the world as we know it to elicit the change, the action and the togetherness that can help our Mother Earth and ourselves to heal.

Wishing everyone safety, health, peace and laughter.

May we go forth with love in our hearts, and gratitude in our minds… And may we get through this together.


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