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In our culture, we are often promised “the grass is greener on the other side,” but without full disclosure of what this entails.

Even when we move into a situation that we truly want, we often forget to leave space for the growth and integration that must take place before we can fully land on the “greener” side.

Transitions of any kind are not easy, even when we truly desire them. There may be times of mourning our old comforts while simultaneously feeling happiness and gratitude for the transition. This can feel confusing and disheartening, and perhaps leave us wondering if we made the right choice.

We are often told that things are either good or bad, happy or miserable, meant for us, or not meant for us.

But how often do we give ourselves space to feel contrasting emotions? How often do we allow ourselves to go through all the waves of sensation that come up without jumping to conclusions or regret?

Perhaps, we can learn to be okay with mourning the death of our old lives, even when we did not want to be in those spaces any longer.

Perhaps, we can learn to be okay with giving ourselves space to feel the plethora of human emotions that arise within us during these transformational times.

When we are promised greener grass on the other side, we often arrive to find that actually the grass has dry patches no matter where we go. The grass needs care, patience, and time ~ even on the other side of the fence.

We too are in need of this tending throughout the transitions and changes that occur within and without ourselves.

May we honour the space in between and be gentle on ourselves throughout transformation and transition.


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